Echocardiographic cases of the month






February / 02

46 yo male with chest pain and clinical picture of an acute myocardial infarction.
ECG showed ST depression in early precordial leads.
While performing direct PCI to circumflex and LAD lesion, patient condition deteriated rapidly into acute pulmonary edema.

He was intubated. In cardiac catheterization lab, TTE showed severe mitral regurgitation.This was followed with TEE which identified the cause of the severe mitral regurgition.


TEE without color flow  (Slow motion and real time)

TEE with color flow


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March / 02

74 yo male was admitted for left CVA with right hemiparesis. He made a good progression on rehabilitation program and ready to be discharged after 3 weeks of admission. Transthoracic echocardiogram was performed on the day before discharge.

1. 4 chamber view. Towards the beginning of the procedure.

2. Zoom in right atrium.

3. Subcostal view, About 15 minutes later.


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April / 02

42 yo female, healthy otherwise, was admitted because recurrent episodes of pain and itching rash of both feet.

Sed rate 55, CRP 5.9. Negative ANA and RA.




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May / 02

Echo 1,   Echo 2


June / 02

53 yo African-American female was found unresponsive by her husband. When paramedic arrived she was pulseless. Her blood sugar was 20. She received a brief peroid of CPR and reponded quickly to IV fluid.

In ER, she continue to be unconscious. Her blood sugar was 45 and required more IV glucose. She was intubated.

Patient is not diabetic. Her husband is taking Metformin. She has historiy of srvere COPD with FEV1 of 0.68.

Troponin was 2.4.



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